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History of Australia's 1950's Square Dancing Boom:

Square dancing has historical roots dating back to English "Morris' and 'Country' dance, and to The Minuet in the Royal Ballrooms of Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France, and of course it went viral and became an institution in America through the great support Henry Ford and Dr. Lloyd Shaw. Much has been written about that hisroty. Below is a collection of articles we are compiling to help preserve the history of Australia's own square dancing boom in the 1950s. We'd be pleased to add further articles to this collection.

If you would like to find out more about square dancing, included at right are some links that we suggest you check out.


An Australian Square Dancing Story - The Epicentre of a 1950's Entertainment BOOM! compiled by Tony Vickers-Willis

Boom! Where Did It Come From? by Jim Vickers-Willis

Kings of Melbourne's Golden Era: 1950-1953
by Graham Rigby

Square Dancing As A Sport
People Magazine article on Jim Vickers-Willis
(Vol. 4, No. 11, July 29, 1953)

Square Dancing - How It All Started in Australia by Jack Murphy

History of the Australian Callers Federation (ACF) by Jeff Seidel









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